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Need An Interview Transcription Service To Transcribe Your Interviews? Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves.

To put it simply, interview transcription is the process of documenting a conversation between two or more people. One might wonder about how the transcription of an interview can actually be useful but you would be surprised with the answers.

The transcription of interviews does not only refer to work or job interviews. A lot of different industries use interviews as a means of carrying out qualitative research. This type of research can be for individuals, society, products, services or even cultures. It is important to record and transcribe such interviews because this particular type of research is more reliant on direct sources rather than measureable data.

There are also other benefits to using an interview transcription service. A transcribed interview provides accuracy, meaning that anyone can go back and listen to the interview and know exactly what the person giving the interview said.

How Can Interviews Be Transcribed? Are Transcribed Interviews Of Any Use?

There are multiple ways to transcribe interviews but the most common methods but interview records can be done in the form of written transcripts or audio recordings. Some of the benefits of transcribing interviews include:

  • Hours and hours of time saved
  • A concise yet clear overview of the interview is provided
  • Quicker indexing and referencing of interview sections
  • Performing an analysis on interview text is much easier
  • The transcripts of interviews provide readability

There are two different methods of transcription and the chosen method depends on the requirement. These two methods are:


Verbatim interview transcriptions refer to the transcriptions that include as much detail as possible. This means that all sounds that can be heard on the audio are transcribed including pauses and things like “um” and “ah”. The interview is transcribed word for word and no corrections of any kind are made.


Non-verbatim transcriptions of interviews refer to those interviews that make some adjustments when transcribing the audio to text. This includes various idiosyncrasies of speech, such as grammar. Corrections are made and things like stutters and pauses are removed.

Transcriptions act as a proof of what the interview entailed and exactly what was said during the interview. This keeps one from backtracking and retracting their statement or the statement being manipulated in any way.

What Is The Use Of An Interview Transcription Writing Service And What Are The Benefits They Provide?

Interviews can be of many different types and be given by anyone. It can be an interview regarding a customer’s thoughts on a new product or it could be the interview of someone who witnessed or participated in an historic event. Interviews are used for qualitative research but they can also preserve memories of historic events. Interviews are also a much more direct source of information as the reports are first-hand.

The biggest benefit of hiring the services of an interview transcription writing service is that it saves a lot of time. This is especially true in the cases such as media and reporting where journalists are too busy researching and writing to be able to find time to sit and transcribe an interview word for word.

Transcription requires a lot of time and attention to detail as one has to sit down and carefully listen to the audio of the interview as they transcribe it into text. Depending on whether the transcription is verbatim or non-verbatim, minor adjustments to the transcript may or may not be made.

Transcriptions are extremely helpful and useful and in many different ways. It helps conduct qualitative research and provides easy access to accurate, first-hand information while also preserving memories of people who will not always be around or once in a lifetime events.

Transcription of interviews can be mandatory or a legal requirement in cases such as a legal court proceedings but are generally used as they provide concrete evidence of what was said in the interview without having to listen to the whole thing over and over again. Someone who needs to refer to the interview can simply look through the transcript and look up the particular keyword they want.

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