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Putting Off Will For A Long Time Now? Let Us Solve Your Problem With Our Will Writing Service

Are you one of those who keep on putting off writing your will? Are you scared of high solicitor fees and uncountable visits to their offices? Even if you are the one who can make your will, all by yourself, you still would have to consult lawyers for their legal advice!

Don’t worry! We’ve got a way out for you. We offer you our premium online will writing service to solve all your will related issues! From online solicitor’s advice to highly personalized will, you will have a great will writing experience with us.

Still confused about what to do? Let us take you through all details of will writing and how can you make one for yourself.

“What Does A Will Do? What Will Happen If I Won’t Make One?”

A will is not just a piece of paper, rather a very powerful document. We all know that we would not be there to take care of our belongings, may it be our property, business or children, after we have passed away.

When you have a will ready with you, you can take a breath of relief, knowing that your assets are in safe hands. Through expressing your wishes in your own will, you can decide:

  • Who will take care of your children till they’re 18 years old?
  • Who will be your will executor i.e. the person who will carry out your terms as mentioned in the will?
  • Who will be the beneficiaries of your assets? I.e. people or charities who will benefit from your property or money.
  • How do you wish for your funeral to be carried out?
  • Who will receive the legacies after you? That is the money, items or position that once belonged to you.

If you ever die without making a will, you will not only be giving all the matters in the hands of government, but your family might have to pay inheritance tax on your assets.

Wondering, “How can I find a will writing service near me?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

“Solicitors Are Way Too Expensive! Do I Have Any Other Choice?”

This is the most common question people search on the internet. We know that the cost of making a will with a solicitor is high and most of the people cannot afford it.

Some of us may even choose to self-write our will or ask our relatives to do so. But is it accepted legally? Can anyone write will? Ofcourse you can write your own will but the problem arises if it is not compliant with the state laws for example the affairs like tenants in common will. And that is exactly where you, again need a solicitor.

Content Majestic- Your Ultimate Locus For Will Writing

You must be thinking, “How can an online will writing help me reduce the cost of making a will?”

You’d be surprised to know that Content Majestic is associated with leading solicitors in USA who love to work in their spare time with us. Do you know what made them interested to work with us?

Our 24/7 availability and dedication to work is what attracts many lawyers to work with us. Worried about high cost of a will? Resolve your queries by reading our following paragraph!

How Much Does It Cost To Write A Will With You?

We assure you that you will not find a more affordable cost of making a will than us. We keep in mind all your requirements and work accordingly. If you want us to make your will from scratch, we will do it for you. But if you have a will, and want to revise it, our experts will guide you the best solutions.

“Do You Make Mirror Wills As Well?”

Yes, we do make mirror wills in case our clients want them. Mirror wills are identical will that you and your spouse can make. In case you or your spouse die, this can serve as a will for the one who would now be responsible for the property. We often suggest our clients to make mirror wills, as they are very cost effective. Again the mirror wills cost varies depending on your requirements.

Does A Power Of Attorney Cost Too Much?

No, a lasting power of attorney fees is as much as it will take you to make a will. Making power of attorney is, again a very effective method to secure your assets in reliable hands in your absence.

Looking Forward To Write A Will With Us?

Intrigued by our will services? Want our experts to write your will? You can just follow three easy steps and get the optimal customized will delivered at your end:

  • Contact us and place your order
  • Tell us your requirements
  • Let our experts write your will
  • Your personalized will is ready!

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