This Cookie Policy has been updated to let site visitors know that Content Majestic also makes use of cookies in ensuring that it provides an enhanced user experience to its site visitors. This page gives information on what are cookies, which cookies we use, why it is necessary to use them, and how can site visitors disable cookies.

It is however recommended that all site visitors do not disable cookies as it will disrupt with the functionality of the website.

What Are Cookies?

Similar to all websites operating online, this site also uses cookies to provide the users with a streamlined user experience. Cookies are tiny files of information downloaded and stored in your computer when you visit a website and browse through it.

Cookies cannot be read your computer’s hard disk, and can only be read by the organisation which has installed that particular cookie on your computer.

How We Use Cookies

This site makes use of cookies for a variety of reasons. These reasons are listed as follows for your information:

  • To provide you with access to the miscellaneous interactive features available on our site
  • To make sure that all the content on the website is displayed to you properly without any disruptions
  • To update you about any future changes that may occur in the website
  • To notify you regarding any changes that we may apply in our services
Which Cookies Do We Use?

We make use of a variety of cookies for the functionality of our website. There are basic three types of cookies:

Session Cookies (also known as Temporary Cookies):

These cookies help us in monitoring the movement of visitors from page to page, and they are deleted after each visit. These also help us in ‘remembering’ the details you submit while navigating through the website.

Persistent Cookies:

These cookies help us to remember you as a user, and these are valid across all sites that you browse.

Third-Party Cookies:

These cookies are used by our partners and third party websites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can view their Cookie Policies on their respective websites.

We have further listed down some of the cookies that are used on this website in the table below:

Name of Cookie Cookie Usage Importance of Cookie Type of Cookie
1. CMSCurrentTheme This cookie is used for displaying the accurate styling to the page. Highly Important Session
2. CMSPreferredCulture This cookie is used for the storing the language in which the page is being displayed. Highly Important Session
3. OU_CountryCode This cookie is used for remembering when a particular country is selected so that relevant content can be shown on the website. Highly Important Session
4. OU_Cookie_policy This cookie is used for properly controlling and displaying our cookie banner every time you visit our website. Highly Important Persistent
5. Google Analytics_ga This is a Google Analytics cookie which helps us in understanding the frequency at which the users visit our site, the time duration they spend on our site, and the pages on which they browse. This cookie collects information anonymously and reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. Important Persistent
6. Google Analytics_gat_[AccountId] This is also a Google Analytics cookie, which does not store any information but is used for limiting the number of requests being made to Google Analytics. Important Session
How to Disable Cookies

In order to disable cookies, you can simply go into your browser settings and disable the cookies. The settings vary from browser to browser, and it is highly recommended that you do not disable the cookies otherwise it will interfere with the functionality of our website.

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