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Pages: 3 | Deadline: 9 days

I required copywriting services as my own descriptions were not doing too well. I noticed a remarkable turnaround after using Content Majestic’s copywriting services in the form of increased sales.

Mark Ericson
Littlerock, USA
Product Description
Pages: 4.5 | Deadline: 14 days

Having recently launched a line of new products, I absolutely did not have the time to write product descriptions on my own. I decided to have my product descriptions written through Content Majestic and it was the best decision ever. Thoughtful, to the point and catchy descriptions we exactly what I needed.

Linda Turner
California, USA
CV Writing
Pages: 5.5 | Deadline: 20 days

I was facing difficulties in writing my own CV. I wanted to produce a creative CV which can represent my skillset in an engaging manner to the employer. That’s where I found Content Majestic, and their services created remarkable CV to cater my need. Thanks for all the help 

Daniel White
Sochi, Russia
Blog Writing
Pages: 7 | Deadline: 9 days

I wanted a blog for my health and fitness website and after searching for days, I finally found Content Majestic. Their reviews were good and they were very helpful regarding my need. I now have a very creative and entertaining yet informative blog.

Alex Winter
Compton, USA
Blog Writing
Pages: 4 | Deadline: 12 days

I had no idea that my blogs would take off so well when I first used their services to get my blog written. They’ve turned me into a loyal customer and I have been using their services for quite a while and haven’t been disappointed once.

Morgan Ford
Detroit, USA
Resume Writing
Pages: 7.5 | Deadline: 24 days

Having just graduated from college, I wanted to start applying to jobs but I had no idea how to create a formal resume. I was able to get my perfectly written resume from Content Majestic and able to start applying to jobs in no time.

Ciara Wilson
Miami, USA
Pages: 2 | Deadline: 3 days

As I was struggling in creating my press-release, a friend of mine suggested Content Majestic for the help. So, I approached them and it was my fine decision. They have such creative writers who not only catered press-release services but also threw in some suggestions regarding my website.

Billy Thompson
Sydney, Australia
Cover Letter
Pages: 3.5 | Deadline: 8 days

I’m more than happy with the quality consistency you delivered in my work. I really needed a cover letter with my resume to make an impression on employers. Thank You for your help.

Peyton James
Boston, USA
SEO Content
Pages: 5.5 | Deadline: 20 days

I never knew my website could engage such traffic! Woah! It was unbelievable and great at the same time. Who knew this decision of choosing Content Majestic could get me on such financial heights.

Taylor Martin
Glasgow, UK
CV Writing
Pages: 5 | Deadline: 11 days

My CV was a mess as I had no idea how to create one. Luckily, found you guys because now my CV is written in such a manner that I’m very impressed with the service of Content Majestic. Your team helped me on such a short notice. Thank You.

John Pete
Seattle, USA
SEO Content
Pages: 2.5 | Deadline: 7 days

My website had been falling behind, and with the makeup industry being highly competitive, that was the last thing I needed. I did a careful survey of websites similar to mine and noticed that their product descriptions were outstanding. I needed someone who could write the best product descriptions for my website. I stumbled upon a website; Content Majestic and decided to seek their help for this. They delivered above par and I don’t think anyone could describe my products any better.

Rita Smith
Illinois, USA
Blog Writing
Pages: 6 | Deadline: 20 days

I’m impressed by the team of Content Majestic as their agenda and motto is same everywhere and the quality consistency remains constant which is not easy to maintain. Like, wow! Thanks for writing my blogs so well.

Miranda Ross
Boston, USA
Article Writing
Pages: 3 | Deadline: 7 days

There isn’t a better article writing service provider I’d choose. Your team delivers on time and ensures quality content. It’s my fourth order in a row.

Zhang Li
Beijing, China
Pages: 5.5 | Deadline: 12 days

Thank you for nailing my order, thank God I trusted you guys on the changes, as this is resulting in profit for me which can get anyone more than happy. A great press-release service I could get my hands on.

Chloe Grey
Philadelphia, USA
Product Description
Pages: 7 | Deadline: 17 days

Thank You for writing descriptions of my products. I’m so happy with the quality of my work. I’m so glad I chose Content Majestic out of all.

Harvey Schmitt
Frankfurt, Germany
Pages: 4 | Deadline: 9 days

I thought only fashion can bring unique patterns, designs and colors to the world. It was so surprising that I never knew the right choice of words creates such beauty. So amazed with the delivery of words into engaging sentences, it’s a Wow-zone! Thanks for doing my copywriting.

Ian Turner
New York, USA
Blog & Article Writing
Pages: 5 | Deadline: 9 days

Being a chef, I’ve always thought that my food is the only plate which represents variety and taste in phenomenal manner. Only food could deliver the exact amount of aroma, taste and creates ambiance. But, when I get in touch with Content Majestic for my personal blog articles, I got to know how words deliver such grace and exceptional taste through some sentences which is quiet surprising.

Linda Cage
Geelong, Australia
Product Description
Pages: 8.5 | Deadline: 24 days

My website was struggling due to vague descriptions of my product line. I was in dire need of a professional help and luckily, I will call it a miracle that my friend suggested Content Majestic for writing my product descriptions and Alas! I now not only have perfect description section which is written so well but in such an affordable budget.

Penny Thompson
Bristol, UK
Blog Writing
Pages: 2 | Deadline: 5 days

With my final semester coming up, I found it really difficult to keep up with my blog. I was so tensed about utilizing my time for studies that I completely sidelined it. I started losing my followers, everyone was complaining about how dry my blog had become. Until my friend told me about seeking help from Content Majestic for blog writing. I was impressed to the core. They wrote engaging content that I got positive feedback about, and I would definitely take tips from them to improve my own writing. 👍🏽

Norman Smith
Calgary, Canada
Web Content
Pages: 5.5 | Deadline: 11 days

I couldn’t make time to write my own web-content for my website as I was busy handling the operations and marketing areas. My partner approached Content Majestic for their web-content services and their work was outstanding. I’m completely satisfied with their work. A big thumbs up!

Tom Adams
Plymouth, UK
Email Writing
Pages: 6.5 | Deadline: 18 days

The moment I decided to take help from Content Majestic was the finest decision of my life to be honest. An undergraduate degree got me on such an unbalanced position in the firm which I didn’t wanted to loose but I was about to, until I got their email-writing services which saved me by an inch. So exceptional that I’m saved financially and emotionally as well.

Doris Phantom
Montreal, Canada
Pages: 7 | Deadline: 13 days

I never knew how much a word can cost! And oh my god! The idea of generating some entertaining blogs on my site through Content Majestic was a bliss. I’m earning twice as much as I was before.

Rachel Hunt
Norway, UK
Article Writing
Pages: 5.5 | Deadline: 13 days

Started as a food critic, I knew what I had in mind just lacked the exact delivery of words to form a complete review on food. The articles about a restaurant that I had to come up with were executed and delivered with such a pace by the professional writers on Content Majestic according to my requirements.

Mary Anne
Milan, Italy
Pages: 6.5 | Deadline: 10 days

How can you not fall in love with words that delivers the exact emotions you are going through? I did! Choosing Content Majestic for writing and editing my e-book made me fall for their uniqueness and such simplicity of words, delivering the true emotions to the world.

Brandon Gray
San Diego, USA
Web Content
Pages: 2 | Deadline: 7 days

Being a real-estate agent, I always thought money and giant lands or building are worth all the hype and value. But, I must say! Combination of words into a sentence is more valuable to our lives. When my partner chose Content Majestic for our web-content requirement, it changed my whole concept about the words.

Ben Reynold
Denver, USA