Business Grew By 170% in 5 Months

“In this era where everything has gone digital including financing, it only made sense that we ran Content Marketing campaigns and generated leads online, so kudos to Content Majestic for helping us in that!”

Manager Marketing, Bridgeport Services, Inc.


Bridgeport Services, Inc. wanted to be ahead in the business of financing as well, one method was to execute Content Marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing costs much less than conventional marketing; which is why experts at Content Majestic suggested Bridgeport Services, Inc. to turn towards these methods and generate leads online. They could attract entrepreneurs looking for financing through White Papers, Informative Articles and Promotional eBooks as well.

The Process

Content in bulk was ordered from Content Majestic consisting of White Papers, Informative Articles and Promotional eBooks.

The team of Content Majestic carefully studied the nature of the business of Bridgeport Services, Inc. and assigned technical writers to create content accordingly. Formal and technical content was required for a business like that of Bridgeport Services, Inc. so as to raise awareness in the general populace as well as convince them to seek the services of Bridgeport Services, Inc.

Highly detailed White Papers were developed which were then distributed by Bridgeport Services, Inc. in their circle and on miscellaneous financing sites, while the articles were utilized for Search Engine Optimization and promotional purposes. The promotional eBooks were uploaded on the brand’s site so that site visitors could quickly get some viable information as well as find themselves convinced to hire the services of Bridgeport Services, Inc. The eBooks were made available in PDF format, so as to give site visitors the option to download them and read through.


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The Solutions

Bridgeport Services, Inc. attracted a lot of fresh aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses because they could not helped but, become rather convinced by the highly informative material that was presented by the brand.

The content delivered to Bridgeport Services, Inc. boasted to them the following benefits:

1) Many entrepreneurs were able to seek funding as they found the brand online

2) Entrepreneurs who did not have much knowledge were well informed through the content

3) Existing businesses were convinced easily through the quality content

4) White Papers and Articles helped spread a lot of information about the brand

5) The articles boosted the SEO score of the brand’s site

6) eBooks on the website enhanced its user experience

Bridgeport Services, Inc. remained successful in the execution of its Content Marketing campaigns with the help of Content Majestic, and their business received an ultimate boost as well.