A Fast Growth through Valuable Content

“A company like ours which is involved in the metal faster sourcing business, it was difficult to get business from online sources. The content provided by Content Majestic really helped us in enhancing our online presence.”

Chief Operations Officer, Fastech Global, Inc.


Fastech Global Inc., realized that it was time to take a leap into Content Marketing to establish its online presence.

Fastech Global Inc., sought the consultancy of Content Majestic and reached upon the conclusion that they should consider Content Marketing through articles, eBooks and blogs and enhance the appeal of their products with new Product Descriptions.

The Process

Content Majestic shook hands with Fastech Global Inc., to deliver them Articles, promotional eBooks, Blogs and Product Descriptions.

Considering the industry nature of Fastech Global Inc., Content Majestic had to gather its team of the most qualified technical copywriters who had a strong grasp on researching and writing. The blogs, articles, eBooks and Product Descriptions which were to be written required the expertise of copywriters who were proficient in technical writing, and could comprehend the technicalities associated with the metal fastener industry.

Blogs were written in such a way that they were appealing to read, and provided information that could be well understood by the general public. Articles were promotional and informative and were published all over the internet. EBooks were also promotional and informative, which were uploaded on the website and made available for download.

Product Descriptions were written with targeted keywords so they could be advertised online, and so that knowledge could be spread to a wider range of target audience.


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The Solutions

Fastech Global Inc., experienced a significant increase in the traffic they received on their website, plus a whole new lot of customers. The customers included corporate entities as well interested in buying from Fastech Global Inc.

The services of Content Majestic benefitted Fastech Global Inc., in the following ways:

1) Traffic was increased on the site of Fastech Global Inc.

2) Many people learned about Fastech Global Inc., through the blogs and articles they read online.

3) The SEO friendly and captivating Product Descriptions helped Fastech Global Inc., advertise their products online better.

4) Corporate B2B brands reached Fastech Global Inc., by reading their eBooks, Articles and Blogs.

The sales of Fastech Global Inc., were able to receive a boost all because many B2B brands and people, who were not previously aware of the name of Fastech Global Inc., were able to get information about it and found it a credible organization as well. Overall, the content helped enhance the brand’s online presence very well.