Georgia Group Went Into Profit By 230%

“Since a lot of our target audience is online, we consulted Content Majestic to help us in Content Marketing and help us boost our sales. These guys did just that!”

Director Marketing & Communications, Georgia Franchise Group


Georgia Franchise Group needed valuable content to get a hold of its target audience, which was mainly online. They hired Content Majestic to provide them quality content.

The best way to reach the target audience of Georgia Franchise Group was; to deliver them engaging blogs and articles which would be read anyhow. These blogs and articles could serve to provide the readers with information, and retain their attention enough to convince them to buy from the fast food entities run by Georgia Franchise Group.

The Process

Writing engaging blogs called for creative copywriters, which Content Majestic has in its team. They were assigned the tasks of writing such blogs for Georgia Group Franchise.

Many influencers use the power of highly interactive blogs to retain the attention of site visitors and readers looking for information. They also use targeted keywords according to the brand’s niche, and then make sure to create optimized content which helps in increasing the SEO score.

Georgia Franchise Group wanted its target audience to be compelled to buy from their fast food entities, and Content Majestic accordingly designated creative copywriters to churn out juicy content. The copywriters did their research on the brand, and jotted down topics and material which would help them in writing engaging blogs.

The blogs were optimized with targeted keywords and included topics on food, restaurants, cafes, acclaimed recipes and even nutrition. The blogs were written to provide information as well as act as a sales pitch for Georgia Group Franchise.


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The Solutions

Georgia Group Franchise was able to reach its audience because many readers came to the fast food entities after being intrigued from the blogs. The site also received a lot of traffic due to its active blog section.

The blogs provided by Content Majestic helped Georgia Group Franchise in the following ways:

1) The blogs were highly engaging and were well received by readers

2) People looking for fast food places were able to find entities of Georgia Group

3) A lot of people got information regarding food and cafes etc. in general

4) The SEO score of the brand’s site was increased due to the blogs

5) The brand’s site received a lot of traffic due to the interactive blogs

Georgia Group Franchise managed to secure over 230% profit than its regular sales, all thanks to the blogs provided by Content Majestic.