NPD Services, Inc. Witnessed 145% Growth

“Our business depends a lot on technology, which is why Content Marketing was our way to go. Content Majestic helped us achieve our Content Marketing purposes just as we needed!

Director Marketing & Communications, NPD Services, Inc.


Since NPD Services Inc. needed to enhance its online presence, the best way to go was provide them with all kinds of SEO-friendly content.

NPD Services wanted to gain leads online which meant running effective Content Marketing campaigns. In order to run effective Content Marketing campaigns, NPD Services needed a whole lot of articles, blogs, Product Descriptions, as well as informative and promotional e-Books. Content Majestic decided to do just that.

The Process

NPD Services placed orders for articles, blogs, eBooks and Product Descriptions. Content Majestic grouped its resources to meet the requirements.

Since the order was quite large and required the expertise of a wide variety of experts, Content Majestic designated miscellaneous writers to meet with the requirements and the deadline. A lot of research was put into the work, so that the content accurately covered all the technical portions of the company’s expertise as well. The best technical writers of Content Majestic were assigned these tasks.

The digital marketing experts put into their expertise and gathered the list of the keywords according to their niche as well.

Once the research and keywords were combined, the writers got down to the task and began churning out content for the client. Content in bulk inclusive of blogs, informative as well as promotional articles, SEO-friendly Product Descriptions for the products of NPD Services, promotional eBooks which highlighted the company’s products was produced.


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The Solutions

NPD Services, Inc. received a lot of traffic on their site a whole lot of leads were generated all thanks to the Content Marketing campaign that was executed. The campaign was overall deemed successful.

NPD Services, Inc. was able to garner the following advantages as a result of the successful Content Marketing campaign:

1) A lot of traffic was received on the brand’s site

2) Customers and businesses were able to reach through the site easily

3) The blog section was updated with engaging blogs and thus became active

4) Product Descriptions with the targeted keywords helped in sales conversions

5) All kinds of informative and promotional articles were published & were read by a lot of people

Content Majestic became the regular content provider of NPD Services, Inc. and helped the brand achieve success in gaining traction online. The leads and sales received a boost, and the company became a renowned name in its domain.