Overland Group, LLC Grows 200% with White Papers

“As someone who views everything from a marketing perspective, I was definitely pleased with the quality of the White Papers I received which were so informative and acted as our sales pitch!”

Chief Marketing Officer, Overland Group, LLC


While business for Overland Group, LLC had always been steady, they were struggling to exhibit a corporate edge to their brand image.

The team of leading industry experts at Content Majestic consulted amongst one another and advised Overland Group, LLC to have some White Papers made which would showcase a problem, and the brand could be a solution to that particular problem.

The Process

Overland Group, LLC sought the advice of Content Majestic and hence placed orders for White Papers.

White Papers are much more technical than regular blogs or articles, and a whole team of writers is dedicated to the composition of a single White Paper. Therefore, Content Majestic designated the most qualified and the best of its copywriters to take charge and craft the best kind of White Papers for Overland Group, LLC and thus help them exhibit an entirely new corporate image.

Content Majestic made sure to stick to its promise and deliver the quality White Paper that was ordered. Problems pertaining to Real Estate, Construction and Development were heavily researched upon, as well as their solutions.

Once completed, the White Papers were published online and even sent to miscellaneous vendors, which helped the business gain a lot of coverage. A lot of corporate decision makers were able to read through the White Papers.


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The Solutions

Overland Group, LLC was able to achieve the status of the corporate entity in Real Estate & Construction that it was hoping for, and many companies and vendors began to treat the company in the manner as well.

Overland Group, LLC found the services of Content Majestic highly commendable due to the following reasons:

1) The company was able to rebrand itself due to the informative White Papers.

2) Vendors found the company a credible source for matters related to Construction

3) Online presence of the company received a boost once the White Papers were published

4) Many customers got legit information regarding the services of the company

On the whole, Overland Group, LLC was able to rebrand itself with much lesser costs. If they had opted to go for conventional marketing methods, then they would have had to incur a lot of costs. However, simply publishing and distributing White Papers online gave them much more traction than they had hoped to achieve.