Unicor Enterprises, LLC Grows 150% with SEO Content

“I had my brand’s whole website revised with SEO friendly content to make sure that it starts appearing in search engine results. This one act only boosted my site’s rankings and my business too!”

CEO, Unicor Enterprises, LLC


Unicor Enterprises had long been struggling to generate business in a place like Los Angeles where big competitors were already present.

The team at Unicor Enterprises realised that while they were trying their best to generate business through conventional marketing methods, it was about time that they adopted Digital Marketing methods such as Content Marketing to enhance their online presence.

The Process

Content Majestic took charge and built a strategy to help Unicor Enterprises through Content Marketing.

Content Majestic has proficient writers who knew well how to write effective blogs and hence make a site’s blog section active. Once Unicor Enterprises took consultancy from Content Majestic, they realised that they needed to focus on building their online presence as well. They could benefit really well from blogs, articles and of course White Papers to give themselves a professional edge.
Hiring an-house copywriter would not benefit Unicor Enterprises, which is why they entrusted the responsibility to Content Majestic.

Unicor Enterprises decided to order blogs, informative articles, promotional articles and White Papers accordingly. The team at Content Majestic grouped to discuss and execute the mission, and assigned the tasks to the Subject Matter Experts. The White Papers took some time to be completed given their nature, while the blogs and articles were being sent to Unicor Enterprises from day one.


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The Solutions

Unicor Enterprises has seen an increase in their online presence which has readily helped them to achieve leads as well. Customers can now contact Unicor Enterprises and request for their services online, and easily reach them.

As a result of the services provided by Content Majestic, Unicor Enterprises witnessed the following achievements:

1) A boost in the ranking of the website in search engine results

2) Increase in sales all thanks to the White Papers which impressed corporate professionals

3) A new name in the market when the professionals were intrigued by the white papers

4) Heavy traffic on the brand’s site through the blogs that the readers loved to read

5) Users were able to get legit information about swimming pool services

The content marketing services provided by Content Majestic helped Unicor Enterprises emerge as yet another big name in the swimming pool industry, since a lot of their target audience was present online and was able to reach them easily.