Brian Charles



Hi, I am Brian Charles, a film major and scriptwriting minor graduate



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Jan 17, 2020

“I had contacted Brian for consultancy but ended up employing him for the task instead. He has great insights and a keen sense of observation. He always comes up with incredible content. Been a fan of him since first order.”
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Dec 28, 2019

“Brian is an excellent writer. Always deliver work on time and of the utmost quality. I would highly recommend him to everyone. ”
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Nov 13, 2019

Film Major from the University of California, Los Angles

Hi, I am Brian Charles, a film major and scriptwriting minor graduate from the University of California, Los Angles. I have always had a flair for writing but never thought that I would pursue it professionally.

Doing a minor in scriptwriting helped me recognize the hidden potential in me that weave words and make an entirely different world altogether. I have worked as a scriptwriter for cable shows, critical analysis articles on films, review based articles, SEO blogs, magazine articles, and promotional articles and materials.

I have worked both locally and internationally as a part of my portfolio as well as for freelance work. I can promise you quality articles regardless of the niches as I have a wide portfolio and also do rigorous research before writing on any topic.

Brian Charles

Brian Charles has an excellent portfolio in writing. His writing skills mixed with an acute sense of observation and his signature style is a dynamic combination. Brian dabbles in a lot of fields when it comes to writing such as,
  • Cinematography
  • Scriptwriting
  • Films
  • Traveling
  • Social sciences
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Homestead
  • Environment
  • Media Sciences
  • Pop Culture
  • Digital Marketing

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