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“I’ve never known the importance of a cover letter until I met with this expert of CV and cover letter. Jason, wrote my cover letter for my CV which not only enhanced the value but put charms on my CV.”
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Order: Cover Letter

Name: Chris Brown

July 09, 2019

“Being an undergraduate takes a lot more than expertise and achievements on your CV to make its way through. I was struggling in making an impression with my regular CV, where Jason was a God sent! He wrote a valuable cover letter for me and even guided me to do so on my own. I must say, Jason is an amazing cover letter writer I’ve met.”
Order No : 00759

Order: Cover Letter

Name: Linda James

September 10, 2019

“I thought my cover letter was perfect until I went for its overview. Then, I came to know the number of mistakes I made which could badly affect my reputation in front of the employer. Thank God I reached Jason for my overview which turned out to be quiet a blessing for me. Now, I have a fixed cover letter to make a remarkable impression, thanks to Jason.”
Order No : 00776

Order: Cover Letter

Name: Jennifer Wood

October 27, 2019

Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Pennsylvania

Do you know adding a cover letter with a resume plays a part in a diamond in a ring? It not only enhances your resume but put charms on it. Most employers are so impressed with a cover letter that develops positive vibes for the resume and eventually a job guarantee.

Hi, I am Jason Cox, currently working as a senior recruiter at an international recruiting agency. I have been at the position of human resource manager in a reputable firm for 11 years and holds an experience of 8 years as a writer. I have a high combination of experiences which makes me the best at what I do.

I’ve stepped into a different dimension which is being beneficial for me in creating out of the box cover letters and write-ups. Being a professional of human resources and a recruiter gives you an advantage in developing the write-ups according to the specifications of a person regarding the facts and key points a recruiter will look up to.

The reviews and feedback I receive regarding my works say it all about the quality and assurance I tend to provide. Delivering the order at the right time and producing according to the requirement is what I do.

Jason Cox

When it comes to specialization and experience, Jason got it all covered. He sure knows how to customize the wants and create an amazing cover letter that compliments your resume or CV in the best way possible. His expertise includes:
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Sociology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Public Relations
  • Cognitive Sciences

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