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“When it comes to grabbing people’s attention, Patricia sure knows how to play with words. I’ve hired her a year back, and currently working with her with no intention of letting go. As a writer like her is hard to find. She’s the best press-release writer I crossed paths with.”
Order No : 00902

Order: Press Release

Name: Delilah Robert

October 05, 2019

“Patricia is a sorcerer and a gem of a person, she turned my boring headlines into the most interesting press-release of all time. If someone wants traffic on their site and amazing press-release then, Patricia is the one for you.”
Order No : 00911

Order: Press Release

Name: John Adams

November 15, 2019

“Lacking creativity gets you in trouble sometimes and this happened with my web. I was so stressed out due to my deadline and wasn’t able to cope up with the requirement on my own. Luckily, a friend of mine suggested Patricia’s profile and God knows how happy I am to get her. She finished all my work on time and created such unique and impressive press-release headlines and content. Thank you so much for your cooperation and kind heart.”
Order No : 00953

Order: Press Release

Name: Phoebe Rose

January 03, 2020

Masters in Psychology from Columbia University

Do you know the right choice of words can turn any boring term into the catchiest phrase of all time? Well, I do. I’m a pro at turning your news and new additions to the line into the most viewed releases on your web.

Greetings everybody! I’m Patricia Baker, with unlimited passion and compassion for writing. I do my blogs and articles as a freelancer and currently affiliated with Content Majestic as a senior writer with expertise in Press-Release for more than 7 years.

I tend to prioritize the period of my orders and have a habit of delivering work on time. My work can be over-viewed through samples for quality check. My success rate is 97% globally. The reviews of my clients elaborate on my work quality and humbleness.

Patricia Baker

Patricia is known for her quality content and amazing marketing skills which cater to many clients with traffic on their sites. Her expertise is not limited to some areas but, she still feels more confident in:
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Gender Studies
  • Sociology
  • Counseling & Therapy
  • Advertising
  • Political Science

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