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Skilled at writing excellent Press Releases, White Papers, E-Books.



“It has been an honor, working with Susan. She’s been a great partner to join forces with and most importantly, a phenomenal writer.”
Order No : 01125

Order: White Paper

Name: Joseph Barnes

July 03, 2019

“Susan has been such a sweetheart. I hired her for white paper writing two years back, and it was one of my finest and smart decision. She corrected all the irrelevant data and managed to produce the best version of it on such short notice. She’s highly-highly recommended.”
Order No : 01134

Order: White Paper

Name: Martin Cox

August 16, 2019

“Susan Gray has her way with the words, she has been an integral part of my professional life. She’s been a wizard in creating outstanding content. Not only did she managed to work on time but, she recommended me further strategies to gather more traffic on my site. I’m glad I chose her for my work. Thanks a lot.”
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Order: White Paper

Name: Ciara James

September 03, 2019

Masters in Software Engineering from Cornell University

Think your e-book needs a correction check? Are you willing to go for a pro? Well, you should. The electronic version of a book never forgets you on mistakes through google check and the reader’s mindset.

This is the era of technology where half of our lives are dependent on digitalization. Hi, I am Susan Gray and I am a Masters in software engineering from Cornell University. Always been into tech gadgets and innovations got me on this path of tech-freak. I love spreading awareness about innovations through my write-ups which got a profession of an excellent e-book writer with 12 years of experience.

I am following my dream of writing with context to what I’m good at. Having several clients worldwide got me a title of “tech-genius” and “writing freak” which was complemented by many clients and professional writers.

Delivering work on time with promised quality is my motto.

Susan Gray

When it comes to the area of expertise, Susan is a pro with variety. She’s able to pull out the best versions of work which are always different and unique in their way. She works as a magician when it comes to strangling the words into informative sentences. Her most confident areas are:
  • Information Technology
  • Data Mining
  • Block-chain
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Engineering

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