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Do You Require A Legal Transcription Writing Service? Allow the experts to take care of it for you.

Legal transcription refers to everything involved with legal proceedings such as statements made by attorneys, paralegals, courtroom proceedings and statements by other legal professionals as well as people like the accused, the defendant and people providing testimonies.

The most common way to transcribe these conversations is to listen to the conversation on a headset and then key the text into a computer, pausing the recording when needed. The documentation and recording can include correspondence, pleadings, motions, discovery, legal memorandums, agreements, and time entries. Documents that have been transcribed can end up being produced in court so there is zero margin for error.

Legal transcription is something that should only be done by a professional legal transcription writing service to avoid any errors or conflicts of interest.

Are You Wondering What Kind Of Uses A Legal Transcription Writing Service Can Provide?

During legal arguments or proceedings inside a courtroom, there is a massive amount of information and a rapid exchange of words in order to reach a verdict between two parties. In order to transcribe all of this, legal transcription services are used by attorneys, lawyers and anyone with legal authority.

Legal transcription helps to boost and increase efficiency. Gathering facts, evidences and statements becomes easier and it is also much simpler to organize them accordingly. This allows one to build a better case as legal practitioners can save valuable time and money and focus on the case they are working on instead being worried about little details.

Since there are legal involvements, verbatim transcripts are required. This means that even sound such as “umm”, “ooh” or “ah” have to be included in the transcript. The people working legal transcription should be swift in typing and be aware of the specific terminologies used in courts of law or legal proceedings.

The Different Types Of Legal Transcriptions And Services We Offer.


Pleadings are usually submitted in the early stages of a case. A pleading is a formal written statement that a party submits to the appropriate authorities. The pleading is what forms the basis of the case and highlights the issues that need to be discussed.

Subpoenas and Summons:

Subpoenas and summons are legal documents that a court issues when a party is required to appear in court. Subpoenas include being summoned to testify or to bring in physical evidence. Summons are when a personal is formally notified that a case has been field against them and that they are required to appear in court at a certain time and date.

Sworn Statements:

Sworn statements are important as they provide facts in legal proceedings. These statements are taken under oath and cannot be retracted. It is not required for any notary public to be present when a sworn statement is being given. Transcripts of sworn statements are important as they can be used in place of a testimony is a court of law.


A deposition is simply a testimony by a witness that is given outside a court of law. They can be crucial pieces of information and can be used to build a case.


Interrogations are key and play an important part in the proceedings of a case. It some cases it is mandatory to record all interrogations held by the police or other law enforcement agencies. These need to be transcribed for further evaluation.


Hearings refers to a number of different proceedings which are held in front of a judge. The presence of a jury, however, is not required.

Wiretaps and Phone Calls:

Wiretaps and monitoring of phone calls can be ordered by the court in some cases. These audio files are then transcribed into text and presented in court.

Dictations, Meetings, and Conferences:

In legal proceedings, it can be important for almost everything to be properly recorded and transcribed and therefore it is. Even attorney-client meetings and conferences are recorded and transcribed.

Legal proceedings can be tricky as anything said can be used in your favor or against you. Transcription writing services play an extremely crucial role as the transcriptions are used for legal proceedings and cannot have even the slightest of errors. Legal transcriptions companies often need to have licenses to practice and legal transcription services are closely monitored by authorities.

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