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In this blog we will talk about how Tor is operated for the beginners to use, moreover, is the best option to secure our anonymity, lastly, the issue arises by the government, NSA has been watching the activities done through Tor.

Hello hacker there is good news, did you explore the open source software that goes good for the privacy and anonymity matters.

Not many have used or heard of Incognito from Google right! There are times where you don’t want any sort of traffic or traceable systems to track your internet browsing. Some might use it according to their nature of work. People tend to use Tor as a tool to not only hide their IP address but also be safe and secure from Government intervention, a person or any software. So what’s you’re waiting for let’s get moving with what exactly this thing is performing and what is the purpose of Tor to be used.

Tor guidelines easier to understand….

First of all let me clear you something I had way more difficulty in understanding what exactly Tor is and what it do for us? By the end of the day I get to know some highlights about the topic.

How the process starts    

The tor is basically surveillance to your internet browsing. So, where do you need to download all the precious software from?

Frist thing first, if you really want your data to be secured and hidden the main plan is to go for Tor browser download option. Then you see the option of downloading the software for fearless internet access. There are times where the Tor will not work in many countries so what you need to do is configure Tor to build a bridge for set up process.


Are you done with your downloading and installation?

After things get wrap up you will wait for Tor to connect with your networks. This connection can be done through relays. These relays are off three types entry node to the final note and the exist note which total have been 7000 relays along with 800 bridges.

You will it boring and tricky to understand. Neither did I know this stuff. Still I managed to incorporate the information though! Let’s go back to the topic. Well, the connections are successfully made possible. Now it is ready to use. You try to browse anything from the Tor browser it may feel like home or nostalgic. It is quite similar to Mozilla’s Web browser.

Search engine cannot track your Searches

If you want to make things work better for you try to rely on to stop search engine to track your searches. This site is helpful in such way that it you can be relief or can sit by the sofa and chillax. As your data is secure and safe, this alternative browser can be used in conjunction with Google, Binge or Yahoo. So, next time you want to use internet try changing your habits into a healthier ones.

Users who download Tor in their Laptops 

There are plenty of reasons for using Tor as a security tool.  Organizations such platforms to get hold of confidential information regarding customers or their competitors. Moreover, there are market owners who check their market place though such tools.

Companies to track leads and how their customers demand is shifting the top notch content writing company is seeking advantage through Tor. They get to excess their competitors working and list how many traffic their website is receiving.  

We can go in numbers to identify who are the users of the software itself. The main purpose of the Army officials or agencies is to keep their online activities hidden on the QT. there are countries too who won’t allow people for internet usage they use these helpful services to facilitate themselves.

Does it really work-the hidden IP address  

Just chillax! Your IP won’t be traced out, if you are using the Tor software. The reason for that is, your ISP Internet Service Provider will not search down your content traffic nor will it be include which website you have searched lately.

  Neither of the ISP will detect the IP address of the website it will basically see the IP of the Tor exit node.

Do you think it’s illegal!

Well, talking about right and wrong I am not here to differentiate between those subject areas. However, Tor has become a debatable subject for FBI and NSA. It has become the area of criticism, for the users who are accused of facilitating with drug dealing business, exploitation of the service through Dark web. So, basically you can easily be under the eyes of government or NSA through enough working with that they can identify you are Tor users.

NSA is aimlessly trying to be functional in the area of Tor, anonymity context and tracking traffic to see the activities regarding crimes.

But there is no such thing as arrest or illegal consequences against Tor being not legal.  However, people using Tor relay has been cautious with ISP or Law enforcement agent keeping an eye on illicit activities. This online activities link to the IP address is used by the relay.

By the end of the day do you think you can rely on Tor?

Hey there folks, if you are the average user scrolling the internet, surfing Facebook or Instaram. Then you probably won’t be stress out with government keeping an eye on you. Just keep in mind of securing the internet rather than anonymity it when you are using the public internet.

You would probably want to use HTTPS on all the sites or use a VPN to encrypt the traffic even if you are not at home.

Final verdict    

At the end of the day, if you are using VPN or Tor there is no 100% on anything. Keep in mind everything has an opportunity cost. So, next time you use Tor you would think what exactly you are doing and what needs to be done.

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