Top Trending Topics to Start a YouTube Channel 2020


Have you heard the song that goes like, $20 dollars’ worth of cash, I got $20 in my pocket… by Macklemore?

Even if you haven’t, you can probably relate how we’re ALWAYS low on cash. And I’m one of those people who believe money can buy happiness.

It’s so much better to just cry in a Lambo, right??

So, we’re all just thinking of making some easy cash, and don’t lie, at some point we’ve all considered starting a YouTube Channel, hoping to get a few subscribers to make money out of.

Wait Wait, it’s not that bad of an idea! Let me tell you a few trending topics you can start a channel on.

Your topic needs to be a niche, you obviously can’t start a makeup channel and hope to become the next James Charles or Jeffree Star (duh).


That fresh sound of unboxing a new item… with the wrapping paper crumbling open, and the pleasing sight of a new purchase, sounds too tempting, doesn’t it?

Just imagine, getting a brand-new Huda Beauty Palette or a fresh pair of Air Jordans, what a sight… And people love that, why? Because let’s face it, not everyone can get their hands on the brand new Jordans or the new iPhone11 Pro Max.

And your YouTube channel can get them to feel how unboxing of a brand-new chic item feels like, without having to buy it!! (That’s the best part)


Who doesn’t like to do stuff the easy way around? For sure I do.

Yesss, I want to know how to make a shirt I don’t use anymore look edgy, I want to know DIYS to make my dorm look cool, and I definitely need to know how to make a meal with just three ingredients.

If Snapchat can make an entire story that gets updated on a daily basis about lifehacks, then you can make a channel out of it for sure!

If you start your YouTube channel giving lifehacks, you can categorize it into:

Tech and Gadget Reviews

This topic is the most likely to be a niche. Since most existing Youtubers enter in a less tech-savvy market, if you do tech and gadget reviews, which are less comparatively less engaging and more informational, even then you are likely to succeed as a YouTuber.

Let’s say you’re uploading a review of Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy Z Flip phone. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? YES! We all needed flip phones back in our lives, and Samsung’s doing just that. Anything and everything to beat Apple huh?

If you have a tech and gadget review channel, you are supposed to get your hands on this ASAP!! And then make a video about what you think, what you like, what you don’t like, give your audience the first views, etc.

Giving your opinion on things sounds like a very easy job, doesn’t it? I mean we do it for free all the time!!

And if you ever get tired of keeping up, simply hire someone who offers professional ghostwriting services to write your reviews for you, and all you’ll have to do is film it.

Health and Fitness Tips

Gym, Pilates, Aerobic Yoga, Keto diets and what-not. People nowadays focus so much on health and fitness that I think by 2035, half of the Earth’s weight will probably vanish.

For gym and fitness freaks, you can definitely start a YouTube channel because if anyone knows dedication, it’s them.

They will be loyal subscribers and if your content is worthy to be watched, you’re ensuring a whole lot of subscribers there.

Food and Restaurant Reviews

I’m a big foodie! You name a restaurant, I’ve been there, my Instagram knows I’ve been there, it’s all on my highlight. Sometimes you just want to become a blogger yourself, don’t you? I know I do.

But being a blogger is high maintenance and requires dedication, and me being me, I would just avail blog writing services online and get rid of it.

However, if you’re someone who’s a big food lover, why not start a YouTube channel of your own?

If you’re clueless about how to do this, let me give you a few beginner’s steps,

Makeup and Beauty

For all self-made MUA’s, this is the category for you. Even though it has become a highly competitive field on YouTube, you can always try to stand out with your content being different from the others.

From filming makeup tutorials for all the events you need to look extra at, to teaching your viewers about how to get all that makeup off in 5 minutes, your makeup and beauty channel can cater to it all.

Of course, it’s not going to be limited to just makeup, how many tips and tricks can you teach? I mean we find it the most difficult task to put on a perfect winged eyeliner but that doesn’t mean that we need a new video for it every week.


Gen Y and Gen Z are intense YouTube viewers, with over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, oh yeah… I said BILLION, not million.

 So, ultimately whatever you upload will be watched, in the beginning by a few, sure but if that content is unique and interesting, then your channel will start trending in no time.

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