Ghostwriting 101: What You Should Know!


Ghostwriting is something which has been in practice from decades, but not everyone really knows what it is about! Ever wondered how those awfully busy celebrities update their social media, or write songs for lyrics, or even put out their biographical books? Let me break the bubble for you: they all hire Ghostwriters!

You must be wondering ‘what is ghostwriting’ or ‘who are these ghostwriting freaks?!’ and many other questions. Well, let me take you to an adventure titled “Ghostwriting 101: What You Should Know!”

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What is a Ghostwriter You May Ask?

Ghostwriting is definitely NOT about Ghostbusters or about that sinister presence from The Shining. By hearing the word ghostwriting, something regarding paranormal activity might pop up in your head. Understandable. You are left wondering, “Gosh! What is a ghostwriter?”

However, the phrase ghostwriting refers to the act of a person writing any kind of literary or any kind of text which is eventually credited to another author. In this act, the writer who has in reality written that particular piece of text becomes a ‘ghost’ and is therefore not visible to the general public.

You may be shocked that such a practice exists, but my friend, this has been largely been the norm since a very long time.

Many of our pop singers hire ghostwriters to jot down the lyrics for their songs; miscellaneous individuals wanting to get a book published may hire a ghostwriter to write their book. In any case, ghostwriting has seen a significant boost given the rise of Digital Marketing and Content Marketing techniques.

Do Ghostwriters Disappear Once the Work’s done?

Ghostwriting is not a one time job. If you hire a Content Writer and assign them tasks related to content, would you fire them once those tasks are over? NO! You will assign them new tasks because there is a LOT of need for content now.

Similarly, ghostwriters continue to write whatever they are asked to do, the only difference is that they need NOT disclose that the content has been written by them. They are qualified professionals, writing content after content.

Are you wondering what kind of content they write? They write EVERYTHING; from a memoir to a blog to a biography to an eBook and much more. You name it, they will write it!

What Even Is The Point of Ghostwriters?

Take this, you have a brilliant idea, you feel that you want those ideas to take the shape of a book. But OH NO! You do not have the time, or the word bank, or the skills, or even the resources to do that!

Where does that take you?

You hire a ghostwriter of course! A ghostwriter will not only have the adequate skills to write your book, but they will make sure that it meets the demands and resembles professional work.

You as an amateur would not be aware of how to craft the best kind of book by yourself, and may struggle for a long time in perfecting it. A ghostwriter on the other hand will know JUST what is necessary to give your book the polish it deserves.

Ghostwriters are now readily hired by Content Writing Agencies as part of the ghostwriting services they offer, and these guys sure make big bucks. Why would they not? They are selling you all of their effort and not getting the recognition. YOU who are buying their service get the recognition.

The profession is well respected, and one which is definitely in demand. Hiring ghostwriters, or a ghostwriting service such as the one offered by Content Majestic puts individuals and brands at a lot of advantage.

What benefits can you get from a ghostwriting service or ghostwriters?

  • Quality content that is written with a professional flare
  • Any kind of content that you need
  • Content that reaches you on time
  • Feasibility for getting the content revised

Quit Googling Ghostwriter Definition Already!

Are you still heading over to Google and trying to check out ‘Ghostwriting Definition’? I sure as well hope not because that means you have not understood what I was fussing all about. Let me present to real life examples…

Imagine this, you are working as an engineer or a lawyer and you get inspired to write a book but you cannot do so for obvious reasons. You can simply hire a ghostwriter!

All those pop songs that we listen to, they are usually not written by the singers themselves. Even the best kind of writers may experience going through writer’s block, which renders them unable to write. They can take assistance and get their ideas shaped into content by joining hands with a ghostwriter.

You can opt to get your website polished with quality SEO-friendly content, all by hiring a ghostwriter for yourself. In any way, it puts you at a lot of advantage. Many ghostwriters are well-informed content writers who know how to write optimized content that secures the best kind of rankings for your website.

If you are an executive who wants to publish an informative eBook for your brand or business, but obviously you are too occupied to write it by yourself, you can hire a ghostwriter or ghostwriting service!

Do you now understand why in any circumstance there would be a desperate need for partnering with a ghostwriter, or a ghostwriting service? I bet you do now!

Mark My Words…You Are Going To Need the Ghostwriter Someday

With so many ghostwriters roaming the streets nowadays, I can definitely claim that you will be searching for ‘the ghostwriter’ that you seek any day. Nobody realizes if they need one until they get to know more about it. Through my blog, I told you all the essentials about ghostwriting, and in what kind of circumstances you might start searching for one.

All in all, ghostwriting has its list of benefits, and it is up to you as an individual or as a brand, how you utilize those benefits!

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