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Instagram is now one of the hottest social media marketing tools, with the number of users and business profiles increasing day by day. Gone are the days when Instagram was only limited to posting your selfies, it is 2019

Your profile starts with your Instagram Bio, which is one of the first things that a user would look, just like they would read a product description before purchasing it. That is why you need to spice it and capture the attention of your potential follower with a few tips!

We all know that Selena Gomez is known as the Queen of Instagram. Whoa! Would you not want to achieve the status withheld right now by the Queen? Well let’s get on to understanding why you should consider giving your profile one definite look, before you market yourself.

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Hey Hey Hey! Focus On Your Instagram Bio Already!

How Can I Make My Instagram Bio Better?

1.      Make It A Little Bigger.

2.      Tell the World about Yourself.

3.      Include Your Brand Hashtags.

4.      Add Some Clickable Links.

5.      Feature a Call-to-Action.

In Conclusion; Your Insta Bio Matters A-LOT!! 

Hey Hey Hey! Focus On Your Instagram Bio Already!

What is the first thing that people see on your profile? Your Instagram Bio of course! If it fails to impress your follower, *bam* follower lost! Those 150 characters have the potential to either make it or break it; I can say that with my years of experience. Either way, I would really love for you all to know how to can make your Instagram profile much more attractive, simply by altering your Instagram bio with these 5 golden tips.

How Can I Make My Instagram Bio Better?

  1. Make it a little bigger
  2. Tell the world about yourself
  3. Include your brand hashtags
  4. Add some clickable links
  5. Feature a call-to-action

Folks, these were the points in brief. Want to find out more? Read on below!!

1. Make It A Little Bigger

Sure, 150 characters seem quite short but why not use them to their full potential? You can make a full-fledged sentence, then adding some information about yourself in pointers should be no big deal. Use symbols, emojis, line breaks, URLs and other stuff to fill it up!

2. Tell the World about Yourself

Your potential followers want to know more about YOU, yes YOU. Only jotting down your name in the Bio section does not prove sufficient, you need to spice it up and tell about yourself. You can include Instagram stories; give information about your brand to let your potential followers know what it is all about.

You need to tell your profile visitors why they should care about your brand, and this is why you should not leave your bio empty. Convey your message!

3. Include Your Brand Hashtags

Including branded hashtags work wonders because people are much more likely to search for or click on a given hashtag out. Engagements are increased by 12.6% if you have incorporated some hashtags into your profile.

If you do not have a branded hashtag, make it already and include it in your Instagram profile!

An established brand or business is BOUND to have a website or other social media links. Well, put them in your Insta bio to let your profile visitors redirect their, and maybe become your potential customers!

5. Feature a Call-to-Action

For someone who sure loves clicking on call-to-action buttons, I think it is safe to presume that a majority of the population sure loves it too. You can urge profile visitors to message you, or email you or whatsoever, but in either case it will work and have some positive effect.

In Conclusion; Your Insta Bio Matters A-LOT!!

If you are heading a brand or business and you have NOT been focusing on your Instagram Bio, then you are way behind! We have teenagers here taking the world by a storm, so it should not be a problem for an established brand to fix their Insta bio right? There is no single correct way to fix your Bio, but you can take some steps in improving it.

Anyway, I am very much confident that reading my blog must have added to your knowledge pool, if not; you can always head over to the Content Majestic site where I work and write spicy blogs every other day. All in all, fix your Insta bio!

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