What is copywriting?


Do you also feel that copywriters simply create content like usual writers compiling essays, reports, etc.? Well, let me crack that little made-up belief of yours!

Copywriting is the profession of writing a text for the purpose of advertising, publicizing, or other forms of marketing. Let’s dig more into it!

Everything You Need To Know About Copywriting

Oh it’s nothing short of an interesting yet compelling work to do! The writing aim is to grab people’s attention or hook them up with a tagline that cites an action.

Yeah! Those taglines running on repeat in your mind, or the well-written description urging you to buy that product is copywriting! Fascinating, yeah?

The goal is to increase brand awareness and persuade customers to eventually buy that product. It includes materials such as, scripts used for videos, commercials, or written promotions that are published in print or online. The content in these materials is known as ‘copy’, thus the term copywriting. Copywriting is everywhere. For example, take a look at your mailbox, you’ll find tons of copywriting examples there, promotions from the local brand to fundraising letters from the charitable organizations.

No no, it doesn’t just end there, copywriting extends far beyond that! Most of what you read online is copywriting. Including webpages or even the mails you receive after signing up. These pages are designed to make you take an action. For example phrases like ‘read more’, ‘subscribe to my channel for daily updates’, or ‘follow us’, prompts you to take an action.

How Does It Work? What Does A Copywriter Do?

At some point in life, you may have heard people saying that writers are ‘born’ with talent. It is built-in and that you can never learn it. Perhaps the opposite of it as well, that there’s no skill required in writing. Both of these statements are hands down, the most absurd and untrue.

Copywriting is an occupation that requires months or years of practice. Staying persistent in practicing shapes your copywriting skills. Done already? For your ease, you can turn to website copywriting services to lessen your burden and let the professionals do it.

It might be, that due to these myths, few people pursue their full-time careers as copywriters. Thus, copywriters that suit you and your brand are hard to find.

Copywriting works much differently than other typical writing. Here’s what it actually does and how it works.

  1. Calls to a specific audience

if your product is about excellent quality cat food, then you’re talking to cat owners. A one-on-one conversation with your audience about how your product is different and why should one buy it.

  • Presenting a unique benefit

There are several brands offering cat food, differentiate your product from those out there. What’s unique about your product? Here comes the step of getting to know everything about your product, its pros and cons.

This is often termed as a unique selling proposition. Present the pros of your product in a way that prompts your audience to buy it. Presenting strong proof to your audience is a plus point. Make your audience believe that the product is up to their expectations by providing proof that the product works, for example, customer testimonials, test results after comparing with other competing products, etc.

How To Become One?

Firstly you need to decide what form of copywriting you wanna step in. There are three main ways of doing it:

  1. Work as a copywriter in an agency
  2. As an in-house marketing team
  3. As a freelance copywriter

Getting an entry-level job, just depends on drawing out an excellent resume and acing your interview. If you get lucky and are offered an internship, I would recommend joining ASAP and staying there for at least 2-3 months.

 But before deciding what type of copywriter you’re going to be, you need to know how to write a good copywriting piece.

  1. Learn how to write in persuasive language

Persuasive writing is, as the term shows, supposed to persuade its reader. The main aim is to engage the readers and make them believe that what’s written is very true. You need to learn the basics of persuasive writing. There’s no ceiling to it, with practice you come near to mastering it but there’s always new to learn. It is your first step as a copywriter.

  • The 6 core copywriting skills

Nobody is going to give you work just because your writing is very persuasive. I have narrowed down six skills that will help you nourish your work.

  1. Headline copywriting
  2. Value proposition copywriting  
  3. Landing page copywriting
  4. Email copywriting
  5. Ad copywriting
  6. Video script copywriting

You don’t need to learn all of them just 2-3 would be good. Surely just going through all of them certainly won’t hurt. 

  • Earn your first client

90% of learning comes from writing. That’s right! So stop throwing your money on expensively advanced learning courses, trust me that’s not gonna develop any of your skill, neither is it going to let you explore yourself as any type of copywriter.

You’re not gonna just sit there and let clients come to you, let me enlighten you, they won’t. Are you going to keep sitting? Of course not! Start working on your own copy for your copywriting business. Inbox it to several copywriters and see if they give you any feedback. Write two copies for any of your friend’s businesses. Welcome their feedback and work on them more. Land your first paying client, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what they pay, for now it’s solely for experience.

Landing your first client is the hardest, once you’ve done that, trust me, you’re good to go. Work harder, gain experience, and get to learn from it.

Congratulations! Now you know what you gotta do. No matter the client’s feedback, don’t be disheartened, believe in yourself and stay confidently persistent.

What are you waiting here for? Tighten your belts and get going already!

Best of luck!

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