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There are a number of people who complain about not being followed on social media platforms. They are a number of posts that you swipe or don’t read. Have you ever wondered what might have gone wrong with these posts? There is a serious problem which causes it; the problem of readability.

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Do you care about readability?

Are you aware of your readability score?

Surprise: Everyone has a unique Readability Score!

How does Content Majestic score well on readability?

Do you want to score great?

1.         Be concise:

2.         Be simple:

3.         Be well-structured:

4.         Write with a stance:

5.         Adorn it!

Will good readability enhance my website?

Do you care about readability?

Do you expect a ten-year kid to understand a legal document? No right? Because you know that kid would not be able to understand that document. That is readability.

Readability can be defined as:

The ability of a person to comprehend the text”

Are you aware of your readability score?

Why do you get inspired by the writer of your favorite book? You might say because that writer has a unique story and showed it in a unique way. But the reality is; that the writer has taken care of readability scores.

Readability score is a tool; which shows a person’s education and understanding of a text, in a numerical way.”

Surprise: Everyone has a unique Readability Score!

Trust us on this! Everyone has a unique readability score. Readability score depends on two things; a person’s talent or skills and his knowledge.

When product details are showed to a layperson he would not be able to comprehend the details as he doesn’t have required knowledge. Similarly, a musical note is easily played by a musician. Why; because he has talent and skills to understand it. That shows that everyone is unique.

How does Content Majestic score well on readability?

There are several ways through which one can score well on readability. At Content Majestic, we do extra care while producing content for our clients; because every client is different with unique demands. Content produced for product description writing services by content majestic has specific readability scores because it is being targeted to a specific audience.

Do you want to score great?

As a blogger or writer, obviously, you want to score super, to get fame. There are some features that you have to add in your writing to get a good score. As in:

1. Be concise:

Nobody has time to read long and boring sentences. It just costs so much time! Try to be short and concise.

2. Be simple:

Yes, simplicity is the key to success. Be as simple as possible. DO NOT USE unnecessary jargon and complex words. That will bore your reader.

3. Be well-structured:

Before writing down something, try to plan it first! Read, read and read the reference stuff. See how other people have written about it. Then draw a rough sketch of your writing draft.

4. Write with a stance:

Confidence is what every writer needs in his writing. Whatever you write, you need to have faith in it. That will be reflected in your writing too.

5. Adorn it!

Enhance your writing with correct punctuation and well-structured sentences. It will give your writing a worthy reading.

Will good readability enhance my website?

Definitely yes! It will adorn your website in the best way possible. You just need to be careful about the readability of your content. Content Majestic promises to its customer that through our content your website will have:

  • Great Traffic
  • Impeccable Rankings
  • Long term engagements
  • High Quality of content.

Tempt your customer to be with you!

In today’s digital era you can tempt your customer through content which scores great on readability. Content is king of today’s marketing, so win your customer through it!

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