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How To Get Authentic & Positive Reviews For Your Freelance Platforms


Yeah yeah, we all know how you want to be all self-made and not a robot in a cruelly constructed society that negates any communist approach.

We’ve all given that thought a considerable amount of thinking and importance and probably considered it as something to dwell on, especially when we’re frustrated with our mundane routine at a 9-5 job that barely makes rent.

And after all that, at least 50% of us try to find a freelancing job to embrace that independent working lifestyle that might satisfy us, I know I lie in that 50%. If you’re also just like me, you would definitely want to know where to start your freelancing career from. So, for your help, I’ll provide a list of websites for you to consider making an account on.

Top Websites For Freelancing

  1. Fiverr

2. Upwork

3. CloudPeeps

4. Freelancer

5. Guru

Let’s look at freelancing from a different perspective. Let’s say you’re not a freelancer looking for a job, instead, you’re the sole proprietor of a mediocre-level freelancing website.

What Comes With Having Your Own Freelance Platform?

Having your own freelance platform isn’t normally an easy task. You can seek outside help to help you in this just like how people pursue websites when they require assistance in best article writing service, email writing, or even essay writing help.

To start-up, consider the following easy-to-do steps:

  • §  Decide on a layout.

Your layout has to be super appealing. Like how Chris Evans looks like total eye-candy in every clothing he wears. Your website has got to be attractive. Looking at the freelancing websites mentioned above, you can clearly see how bright color combinations have been preferred for layouts, and so, you can choose to do the same.

Don’t make it so bright that the colors are blinding.

  • §  Brand it in the best way possible.

It is essential to advertise about your newly-launched website, especially when it targets a niche such as freelancing. People are always looking for freelancing work like stay-at-home moms and dads, part-time teachers and many others.

Therefore, you need to advertise it to the right target audience that you think may want to become freelancers.

  • Carefully search about SEO

SEO refers to search engine optimization, and as boring as this sounds, it’s actually quite simple to do once you’ve done your homework on it. This means that your freelancing website needs to be top-notch so that search results show it on the top when people are looking for any freelance work.  👩‍💻 👨‍💻

For instance, if you’re a website that provides professional blog writers, you’d want it to be pop-up on top of the google search bar, no?

Yes, this does take time and effort, but results in a favorable outcome, if done right.

One of the core steps in managing a successfully launched freelancing website is getting favorable reviews about it.

If you’ve done sufficient research about the various freelancing platforms, you’d know that SO many of them turn out as scam!!!

How many Ponzi schemes have YOU heard of? Coming from me, I’ve heard of plenty. Pyramid schemes and what not?! It’s a literal horror-show.

This one time I clicked on a link through my Facebook account and turns out it was a quite clever way to scam me and get my Facebook login details!! A few hours later, someone’s posting memes and texting half of my friend list! 😒 😓 😔

It took hours to text everyone that it wasn’t me who was up to all this mischief! And securing my Facebook credentials again seemed like a blessing!  🙏🏻

This was just my experience, I’m sure there has been a gazillion more. But no more diverting the topic to my personal situations, we’re talking about how to let people know that your freelancing website isn’t like the others which have a high probability of scamming you. This is achievable mainly through authentic reviews provided by users of your website. How to achieve this? Let’s find out.

How To Get Authentic And Positive Reviews For Your Freelance Platforms?

I cannot press further on the importance of getting positive views about freelance platforms. Therefore, let me guide you on how to successfully make this happen.

  • §  Don’t fear to take on new freelancers.

I know, I know, you think this is a huge risk. Considering you want the best freelancers working on your website so that employers are attracted, you cannot solely focus on attracting well-known employers.

 As important as that may be, you also need new people to invest their interest in your website so that they may recommend it to other fellow freelancers, and so, create more traffic for your website and a bonus, a good brand name and free-of-cost publicity.

This would ultimately result in positive reviews left by these new freelancers which were warmly welcomed to work on your website, instead of being sidelined as new and inexperienced as other websites may do.

  • §  Don’t charge registration fees for beginners.

Beginners may not necessarily be unprofessional or lazy with their work, some may be worth taking the risk for. Maybe they’re the Jack to your Rose and not the Caledon Hockley.

It’s a common practice for freelancing websites to charge a fee to register, but if you focus on gathering good freelancers rather than the profit-making scheme, for a second, it may be fruitful. Having no registration fees would attract freelancers looking for work, at a glance! And so, the higher the chances of getting authentic reviews.

(A secret, if you want to be sneaky, you can get people to write positive reviews after paying them, but it’s unethical and you won’t need to if you follow these steps above)

To wrap up, use these tips to get authentic and positive reviews for your freelancing platforms and your work will be made easy in no time!

Author Bio: Kelly Tanner completed her Bachelor’s in Art from Pratt Institute and later on managed an art gallery with her roommate. She started to work part-time with Content Majestic as she wanted to pursue her interest in content writing side-by-side.

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