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The Smart ways for Product Description Writing to Boost 100% of Your Sale


Never knew a watch can tell time?

Say Thank you! To this amazing product to Increase your knowledge.

Yes obviously, I know you know. We both know that everyone knows.

IT’S A WATCH! It is supposed to tell time, that’s the purpose of it. Then, why would someone mention it in bold on the top that a watch can tell time. It’s hilarious.

And, the function is to tell time that’s why it’s called a watch!!

Funny, No?

Let’s not let people laugh at our products. Too much complexity can even ruin a dish just as no flavors makes it bland as well. So what do we need?

We need BALANCE. Right amount of information for the right client is what makes it smarter and reliable.

Let’s take baby steps, to write down an amazing description we first have to dig in to what actually is product description writing services.

What are Product Descriptions?

The details of the product you are offering.

There are many websites offering product description writing services but the surety of rising your sales to top is very low and not accurate.

Let’s correct the above product description writing in order to understand in much simpler form.

Now the changes may seem minor but impacts majorly on the product image.

Firstly, the name. The title of the product could be your brand name marking an overall image on the product due to the brand and its worthiness.

The price might variate but only when you are offering per piece or multiple piece scenario. Only offering one piece with a range of price creates a huge confusion and might give the idea of negotiability to the customer making it way complex for both ends.

Lastly, the amendment was an addition of any specialty your product might hold which distinguishes it with others. Rather than writing down “watch tells time” just put its specialty.

The tagline matters the most when it comes to attracting customers towards your product. That one line which generates the whole thought of the brand or product. The most relatable and eye-catching form you can develop regarding your product for people to resemble with it or gives the ides of a “wow-factor”.

Color & Nature was unchanged from the above example because it was correct. The colors plays a vital role in any product by satisfying the choices and eyes as seeing the product in your preferable color might develop your interest towards the purchasing even if you weren’t planning on it before. The nature of the product should be very clear and concise. The watch belongs to the “jewelry” family so considering its origin the nature is a must to be mentioned.

How to do Product Description Writing for Jewelry:

While writing for jewelry family make sure you mention the only colors which are available considering it as a high-ticket item in the bucket list.

 It’ll be smart to put visuals on all colors just to throw the idea of how it might look in your preferred color. Purchasing of jewelry from a customer’s point of view has been noted as observational and critical thinking applied.

I mean, you don’t just go out and buy a black diamond on the random day just to feel pretty or the Rolex Daytona just because your recent watch was broken.

You analyze and think critically while making these decisions obviously because through a couple of millions you earned in a decade takes a while.

How to make Product Description Writing for Clothing:

Now as per wearables the clothing items are the most usable and known as the golden players in boosting the e-commerce sector.

It runs through the brand name, the price and the trend. These are the key factors to swallow in order to assure a rapid boost for your product.

Too much information can hinder our decision making. Don’t act too smart by putting deep information about your clothing item just to make it appealing.

When I know who the designer was and where is the market to get the specific material to get this dress stitched in much lesser amount than the offering. So, why in the world would I buy it from here? Or even if I’m some other company who just found each and every detail. Don’t you think I might replicate it? Sell in a bit less and get all the customer.

Are you really willing to take that risk? I know I won’t!

Let’s get one thing straight, IT’S NOT APPEALING! And you wouldn’t want anyone else to come-up with the same product as you by using your ingredients of the recipe. That’s heartbreaking.

Just perfect pinch of information and be specific rather than overdosing.

Correct and appropriate form also gives the idea of relevancy to the customer.

How to create Product Description Writing for Food:  

Oxygen, water and FOOD is all it takes to survive.

The presentation can trigger your hunger easily.

I know I’m craving some berries now.

Congratulations In advance!

Now just evoke the taste buds by using sensory language.

Production location also matters. Do add it in a side and make sure you have mentioned the hygienic factor specifically. 

The vegan non-vegans should be on mind while working FOOD.


Keep the target Audience in mind:

These were the cherry on top and coming back to the frosting which makes the real taste includes the easy steps we should consider before making any decision.

The What?



What your product is?

Why is it represented to the people you targeted? Are they suitable for it or your demographics are just weak?

When should it be offered? Does it have a suitable period or a season or even a decade? Maybe yes, as seasonal food and clothes are quite different as well as the events matters.

The focus is to paint your demographics on point and your target audience might be the exact people looking for what you have to offer.

Make your Descriptions SEO-Friendly:

But, all this effort and not actually upload it as an SEO-friendly engine would bound you just in your walls which might contain a very small door to enter.

This is the social media world where even the one cough or laugh is uploaded containing 100+ comments or likes. This is the area for your Hammer!

Once you use this marketing technique your product would be on the exact place where it should be. Every corner where a similarity matches your option will also shine bright like a diamond.

These tips would get you on your feet to the next BIG THING!

SEO content writing boost your sales with the accuracy of boosting your sales up to 100% and 10x higher and to avail most relevant product writing description services, visit content majestic website and follow these amazing tips to get the best end result.

Elizabeth Sarandon
Elizabeth Sarandon is one aspiring blogger and influencer who wants to make it big as an Instagram blogger and you can seek her services whenever you need to avail Blog Writing Service by Content Majestic.

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